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Mr. Right might be better suited as Mr. Right Now
September 24, 2010, 10:50 pm
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I purchased a Mr. Right packer from a website back in December and I was initially really excited about it but once I opened the packer, I realized that the balls on the packer were pretty large. For some people, this might be a plus and something that they desire in their packers and I was definitely ‘pumped’, no pun intended, about it at first. But after wearing the packer for quite some time, I realized that the balls actually make it really difficult to wear without giving the impression that I’m hard or at least halfway aroused. The balls definitely adds a lot to the bulge like look when it sits in your boxers or briefs, but it also creates some discomfort as I found that when I walked long distances with Mr. Right between my legs, I kind of took on a chicken-footed stance. It’s kind of hard to get the balls situated properly and/or comfortably. But one of the perks that I enjoyed about Mr. Right was that when I was in a romantic situation, it proved really effective and gave the right impression to the person that I was with. In other words, it generally feels pretty hard so I was able to give the effect of a hard-on. Also, I didn’t feel afraid to whip Mr. Right out from my boxers because the dick looks really accurately like a dick. Granted, the color isn’t spot on, but it’s difficult to get a spot-on tone with most of the packers that are on the market. But the head is sculpted nicely, the shaft has some light veins contoured into it (in the same color as the packer itself), and the balls even have some ridging (where the skin would be folding naturally). The packer has a nice feel and a good aesthetic, but for day-to-day wear it’s a bit difficult and a soft-pack from Mango or Babeland might be more comfortable for me (though this might not be the case for other people). But since I caught Mr. Right at a discounted price, I can’t complain too much. I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, but I wouldn’t convince someone not to get it either. So all in all, I’d say it gets a middle of the road rating from me: 2.5/5.


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