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MTF Bottom Surgery with Dr. McGinn
October 1, 2010, 1:27 am
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Some background info. about the surgery itself:
Penis head tissue makes the clitoris. Shaft tissue and scrotal tissue makes the tunnel. Most of the erectile tissue is gone though some peoeple can still experience a tiny bit of stiffening.

Sensation is nearly 100% based on how sensitive you are down there now. I was put on a medically mandated masturbation regimine to increase sensitivity prior to surgery. My girlfriend’s is wonderfully sensitive and I love her orgasms. Depth is based on what material you have to work with. I was told I have plenty and I was not some kind of Mr. Universe down there. The gf’s is deep enough to have fun but not so much as to be a bottomless pit. You have to maintain depth with dilation or it goes away. You don’t dilate for three days cuz you’re filled with packing like I am right now. Think how brand new shoes come to maintain their shape. You start out doing it twice a day, then once, then every other… Eventually it’s not to life impeding. You can trade dilation for penetrative sex. Aww yeah.

Urinary tract infections are so common you’re told you can expect one. Vaginal anal fistulas are so rare that my surgeon has never seen one in her (tens of?) thousands of procedures.

After the surgery:

No pain before you go under. They give you anesthesia through an IV so you just drift off into sleepy land. My surgeon Dr. Mcginn played Hedwig for me as I went under after seeing my tattoo. Owns.

I woke up to soreness and confusion. Asked right away if everything went ok. They told me the procedure didn’t have so much as a typo in paperwork in terms of problems. It steadily got worse, then they put me on morphine so now the physical pain is just a light annoyance.

Emotional pain through the roof. They told me I’m kinda having something like post partem I guess? Everything makes me cry. Mostly my mom who’s here taking care of me and sleeping in the hospital room with me. So far she set me off balling helping me put my piercings back in despite admitting she thinks they’re really unnattractive. And because she called my girlfriend to let her know I’m ok before anyone else. And because she gave me a teddy bear with a flannel heart.

Yesterday it was no moving. Today I can have the bed propped up 30%. Tomorrow I can sit up. Then I can stand. Next week they’ll let me walk to the bathroom and back. Not much mobility at all. I did check in with the surgeon today; they were able to get great depth, didn’t need any extra tissue from other parts of me.

Day 3 with vagina. I itch all over. The soreness is pretty steady but tolerable. My mom is hanging out in my private hospital room, watching True Blood and wishing our respective SOs were here. I should be allowed to sit up more today. I keep wanting to ask for a spiro with my morning pills and have to be reminded I no longer produce T.

Vagina Update: Day three with my new hole. They had me stand for the first time today. Which I was able to do, and then promptly blacked out. We’ll try again tomorrow. I’m off morphine, more coherent, and doing much better. I can’t wait for my first shower with the new gear, and getting to go to the bathroom without a catheter.

I seen to have run into an issue with misgendering here. The receptionists who checked me in on Monday, and the nurses again today, are using male pronouns for me. Now, my legal name and gender, on every inch of paperwork, is Stephanie and female. And I’m clearly here because I had vaginoplasty. So I’m at a loss. I’ve made one complaint already and sounds like I’ll have to make another. I haven’t heard male pronouns for me in months so this is really jarring considering the circumstance.

Vagina [day 5]

I’m leaving the hospital tonight; going to a hotel to chill and check in every couple days as outpatient. Big step!!

I walked more yesterday. First to the end of the room, then out into the hall. Going to try to do more today; maybe see if I can scope out the other tranny here. Here’s hoping she’s not a leatherface.

Pain is way down, discomfort from being immobile is up. My vagina’s pretty sensitive. I ended up getting some hints of arousal last night and it was a trip. Engorged with blood, all tingly inside, swollen and puffy feeling but not stiff. Fun stuff.

I still have packing inside, and bandaging over my clit. The catheter stays until some time next week.

Quick update: catheter out, packing out, dilating is a go. Follow up appointment today gave me info on my depth: plenty! And nerve response: full! Clitoral especially Feeling much healthier, super happy to know I got all the promised features, and can’t wait to get back on estrogen.

Stephanie rated Dr. McGinn a 6 out of 5, but this will be classified as 5/5 for the sake of organization. Also, the hospital is Lower Bucks Hospital and is not associated with Dr. McGinn’s private practice. It was the employees of the hospital itself that disregarded Stephanie’s true gender.

Lastly, Stephanie gave me permission to post this here, which was originally posted in the form of a thread on Something Awful’s Transgender megathread.