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PeeCock Prosthetics Review

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He rates it 9.5/10 in the end, but this is categorized as 4.5/5.


Realistic Cock
October 5, 2010, 5:48 pm
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I purchased a new hard packer last week from . I got the Realistic Cock in caramel; I was kinda skeptical about the color matching my own skin tone, but to my surprise it looks quite natural next to my thighs. I recommend any brothers of color who are in need of a more realistic hard packer to check out their selection. It comes in chocolate (for darker skinned folks) and caramel (for medium to light skinned folks). Besides looks, it feels natural too and its completely harness compatible—with or without the suction cup.

I couldn’t be more satisfied, it’s great to look down and see a dick that looks like it belongs to me. I’m a lot more confident in just whipping it out or not immediately switching back to soft packing after sex.


When asked, he gave the packer a 5/5 rating.