The Trans Consumer

Harkins Theatres (Employer)

i spoke with the general manager about my being trans

my intention was simply to discuss bathroom cleaning and usage. she told me right off the bat that she had been meaning to discuss my being transgender with me and wanted to ask me what i am comfortable with as far as the schedule goes.

she told me she had already spoken with corporate about the situation since she has never hired a trans-person before, and she wanted to treat me properly. she always referred to me as he. i thought i was going to have to over explain that bathrooms are a sticky situation for me since my anatomy would dictate that i go to the womyn’s room (in a society that conflates sex and gender) but my appearance and identity would make womyn possibly feel as though i am a predator in their space, which is the last thing i want especially since i’m a feminist. i didn’t have to explain anything. she was like you live as a male, you dress as a male, you’re male. you use/clean the men’s room.

she said she may have to manually put my name into the schedule every week since it’s a computer system that automatically puts your legal name in but that it wasn’t a problem. she also said that if anything happened in the men’s room (like me being assaulted or something) that i would just not have to do restroom checks anymore. she also said that she’d like to avoid that to keep my privacy intact.

my rating for harkins, especially since this particular location has never had to deal with trans-persons before, is 5/5.


Extreme Chest Concealer FTM Chest Binder
October 8, 2010, 8:59 pm
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This is the Extreme Chest Concealer FTM Chest Binder made by Underworks.

I opened the package with the serious fear that it wouldn’t do anything more for me than a sports bra does, or that it wouldn’t fit, and I’d end up in tears out of the perpetual disappointment and frustration I face with my breasts. It was a struggle getting it on—this thing is tight—but when I finally did…wow.

For the record, I wear a 30E/F bra normally. You can tell that I have a very small ribcage, and very large breasts. But this thing compresses them almost flat. To be fair, in the last few years, I have gained and lost a bunch of weight in them, so there’s a decent amount of…loose room in mine, shall we say. But with the right posture, it almost looks like nothing more than pectoral muscles.

I immediately look so much more masculine wearing it than I ever could otherwise. The compression panel is just across the chest and come down to about the bottom of my ribcage (I’m about 5’4”). The rest is just normal undershirt fabric, basically.  Underneath a t-shirt I actually think it looks a little less masculine—but then, that might improve once I buy men’s jeans. Under my sweatshirt, it’s basically invisible.

And I can really breathe wearing this thing. I wouldn’t exactly want to run any marathons, but it’s not hard to breathe at all. I’m just stunned.

The only problem I really have with it is that there is definite puckering right in the center front and around the arm holes, as you can see in a couple of the pictures. This is kind of visible under a t-shirt. I will have to try layering it with another undershirt just to see if that helps.

But all in all—this thing is a fucking home-run for someone with a larger chest. Well worth the price. I feel really good right now.

On the caveats that a) this is the only binder I’ve ever owned, so I can’t say comparatively, and b) I have yet to wear it all day, I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. I mean it is seriously ridiculous comfortable while being ridiculously compressing. I just don’t like the puckering (which now I’ve noticed also happens at the back of the neck if I’m not standing up straight). I’ll probably make another post evaluating it once it’s gotten some use.

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Realistic Cock
October 5, 2010, 5:48 pm
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I purchased a new hard packer last week from . I got the Realistic Cock in caramel; I was kinda skeptical about the color matching my own skin tone, but to my surprise it looks quite natural next to my thighs. I recommend any brothers of color who are in need of a more realistic hard packer to check out their selection. It comes in chocolate (for darker skinned folks) and caramel (for medium to light skinned folks). Besides looks, it feels natural too and its completely harness compatible—with or without the suction cup.

I couldn’t be more satisfied, it’s great to look down and see a dick that looks like it belongs to me. I’m a lot more confident in just whipping it out or not immediately switching back to soft packing after sex.


When asked, he gave the packer a 5/5 rating.

MTF Bottom Surgery with Dr. McGinn
October 1, 2010, 1:27 am
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Some background info. about the surgery itself:
Penis head tissue makes the clitoris. Shaft tissue and scrotal tissue makes the tunnel. Most of the erectile tissue is gone though some peoeple can still experience a tiny bit of stiffening.

Sensation is nearly 100% based on how sensitive you are down there now. I was put on a medically mandated masturbation regimine to increase sensitivity prior to surgery. My girlfriend’s is wonderfully sensitive and I love her orgasms. Depth is based on what material you have to work with. I was told I have plenty and I was not some kind of Mr. Universe down there. The gf’s is deep enough to have fun but not so much as to be a bottomless pit. You have to maintain depth with dilation or it goes away. You don’t dilate for three days cuz you’re filled with packing like I am right now. Think how brand new shoes come to maintain their shape. You start out doing it twice a day, then once, then every other… Eventually it’s not to life impeding. You can trade dilation for penetrative sex. Aww yeah.

Urinary tract infections are so common you’re told you can expect one. Vaginal anal fistulas are so rare that my surgeon has never seen one in her (tens of?) thousands of procedures.

After the surgery:

No pain before you go under. They give you anesthesia through an IV so you just drift off into sleepy land. My surgeon Dr. Mcginn played Hedwig for me as I went under after seeing my tattoo. Owns.

I woke up to soreness and confusion. Asked right away if everything went ok. They told me the procedure didn’t have so much as a typo in paperwork in terms of problems. It steadily got worse, then they put me on morphine so now the physical pain is just a light annoyance.

Emotional pain through the roof. They told me I’m kinda having something like post partem I guess? Everything makes me cry. Mostly my mom who’s here taking care of me and sleeping in the hospital room with me. So far she set me off balling helping me put my piercings back in despite admitting she thinks they’re really unnattractive. And because she called my girlfriend to let her know I’m ok before anyone else. And because she gave me a teddy bear with a flannel heart.

Yesterday it was no moving. Today I can have the bed propped up 30%. Tomorrow I can sit up. Then I can stand. Next week they’ll let me walk to the bathroom and back. Not much mobility at all. I did check in with the surgeon today; they were able to get great depth, didn’t need any extra tissue from other parts of me.

Day 3 with vagina. I itch all over. The soreness is pretty steady but tolerable. My mom is hanging out in my private hospital room, watching True Blood and wishing our respective SOs were here. I should be allowed to sit up more today. I keep wanting to ask for a spiro with my morning pills and have to be reminded I no longer produce T.

Vagina Update: Day three with my new hole. They had me stand for the first time today. Which I was able to do, and then promptly blacked out. We’ll try again tomorrow. I’m off morphine, more coherent, and doing much better. I can’t wait for my first shower with the new gear, and getting to go to the bathroom without a catheter.

I seen to have run into an issue with misgendering here. The receptionists who checked me in on Monday, and the nurses again today, are using male pronouns for me. Now, my legal name and gender, on every inch of paperwork, is Stephanie and female. And I’m clearly here because I had vaginoplasty. So I’m at a loss. I’ve made one complaint already and sounds like I’ll have to make another. I haven’t heard male pronouns for me in months so this is really jarring considering the circumstance.

Vagina [day 5]

I’m leaving the hospital tonight; going to a hotel to chill and check in every couple days as outpatient. Big step!!

I walked more yesterday. First to the end of the room, then out into the hall. Going to try to do more today; maybe see if I can scope out the other tranny here. Here’s hoping she’s not a leatherface.

Pain is way down, discomfort from being immobile is up. My vagina’s pretty sensitive. I ended up getting some hints of arousal last night and it was a trip. Engorged with blood, all tingly inside, swollen and puffy feeling but not stiff. Fun stuff.

I still have packing inside, and bandaging over my clit. The catheter stays until some time next week.

Quick update: catheter out, packing out, dilating is a go. Follow up appointment today gave me info on my depth: plenty! And nerve response: full! Clitoral especially Feeling much healthier, super happy to know I got all the promised features, and can’t wait to get back on estrogen.

Stephanie rated Dr. McGinn a 6 out of 5, but this will be classified as 5/5 for the sake of organization. Also, the hospital is Lower Bucks Hospital and is not associated with Dr. McGinn’s private practice. It was the employees of the hospital itself that disregarded Stephanie’s true gender.

Lastly, Stephanie gave me permission to post this here, which was originally posted in the form of a thread on Something Awful’s Transgender megathread.

Underworks Double Front Compression 997
September 24, 2010, 10:57 pm
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The review is a video that you can watch here.

When asked, ze gave the binder a 3.5 out of 5 rating.

Mango STP Packer (small)
September 24, 2010, 10:53 pm
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The Mango STP Packer was the first packer that I ever purchased. I loved it then and I still love it now. I highly recommend it! It has a few minor drawbacks, but nothing that can’t be dealt with. The pros certainly outweigh the cons. So, here’s a breakdown:


– You can use it to pee in the restroom, even at urinals if you can wing the physics of that (I still struggle there)

– When I ordered it, it came in a few different colors though I don’t know if Mango still carries all those colors

– It’s the perfect size, the balls are also a great size, and the shaft is about the size of the average cis-male penis when it’s flaccid.

– It gives a really nice bulge under boxers or briefs

– It’s really comfortable to wear and easy on the thighs (chaffing can be a problem with some packers during hotter weather)


– Price; it’s a bit on the high end. I wish it were a bit cheaper

– The shaft sometimes pokes out if you’re wearing loose boxers. Or it sometimes shifts out of place so that it’s sitting more in the leg of your jeans than in the actual boxer. But I’ve since learned that that’s something that cis guys deal with too. Dicks just like some room to move, I guess.

– The strap is really great and very sturdy but it kind of cuts into your skin. But I think this can be avoided if you sew it properly.

That’s pretty much it. I’d really recommend it. I think it’s great quality and really functional. Obviously, you can’t have sex with it. It’s not a dual packer. But for its uses, it’s good and worth the investment. Though I have been hearing that Mango is inconsistent about their shipping times, etc. So I’d be worried about that if nothing else.

All in all, 4.5/5

Mr. Right might be better suited as Mr. Right Now
September 24, 2010, 10:50 pm
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I purchased a Mr. Right packer from a website back in December and I was initially really excited about it but once I opened the packer, I realized that the balls on the packer were pretty large. For some people, this might be a plus and something that they desire in their packers and I was definitely ‘pumped’, no pun intended, about it at first. But after wearing the packer for quite some time, I realized that the balls actually make it really difficult to wear without giving the impression that I’m hard or at least halfway aroused. The balls definitely adds a lot to the bulge like look when it sits in your boxers or briefs, but it also creates some discomfort as I found that when I walked long distances with Mr. Right between my legs, I kind of took on a chicken-footed stance. It’s kind of hard to get the balls situated properly and/or comfortably. But one of the perks that I enjoyed about Mr. Right was that when I was in a romantic situation, it proved really effective and gave the right impression to the person that I was with. In other words, it generally feels pretty hard so I was able to give the effect of a hard-on. Also, I didn’t feel afraid to whip Mr. Right out from my boxers because the dick looks really accurately like a dick. Granted, the color isn’t spot on, but it’s difficult to get a spot-on tone with most of the packers that are on the market. But the head is sculpted nicely, the shaft has some light veins contoured into it (in the same color as the packer itself), and the balls even have some ridging (where the skin would be folding naturally). The packer has a nice feel and a good aesthetic, but for day-to-day wear it’s a bit difficult and a soft-pack from Mango or Babeland might be more comfortable for me (though this might not be the case for other people). But since I caught Mr. Right at a discounted price, I can’t complain too much. I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, but I wouldn’t convince someone not to get it either. So all in all, I’d say it gets a middle of the road rating from me: 2.5/5.